What is TODoXIN®?

TODoXIN® is a variety of all-natural health supplements either for strengthening immunity and organism recovery to detoxication, stress relief and energy boost resulting from decades of scientific research by Prim. dr sci. Todor Jovanović in the field of immunology and virology. Through its long-term use by both the healthy and the ill, TODoXIN® has shown that it is highly effective in restoring the energy balance, boosting the immune system of the human body and speeding up its recovery process.
TODoXIN® all-natural health supplements are produced in the form of puree, capsules and syrups, from fresh integral medicinal plants grown in ecologically pure areas. Traditional production, without artificial colors, preservatives and other additives guarantees the quality and safety of the product.

TODoXIN® and its variants have helped thousands of people with cancer, AIDS, leukemia, various forms of herpes, eczema, allergies, hepatitis, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

All TODoXIN® all-natural health supplements are approved by and registered with the Ministry of Health of Serbia. The expert opinion, categorization and approval of the declaration was issued by the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade. The Belgrade Institute for Public Health, after biochemical, toxicological and microbiological analyzes, approved TODoXIN® as safe and healthy for use.


How does TODoXIN® work?

The efficiency of TODoXIN® all-natural health supplements stems from the synergy of pharmacological effects of the selected medicinal herbs. The active influence of herbal substances contained in TODoXIN® is reflected in the regeneration and revitalization of defense cells, especially natural killer cells – NK (natural killers). NK cells are a special group of lymphocytes that play a first-class role in the body’s defense against viruses and tumor cells. A sufficient number of vital NK cells is the basis of effective immunity.

It’s time for TODoXIN®!

It doesn’t matter how much time you have at your disposal! What matters is what you do with that time! When you decide to use TODoXIN®, you will first notice major improvement like increased energy which improves quality of life and general well-being. Hundreds of satisfied users testify to the effectiveness and efficiency of TODoXIN® all-natural health supplements.


TODoXIN® production plant

By applying strict world standards, the principles of good manufacturing practice, innovative technology and the latest knowledge in the field of dietetics and medicine, according to the original recipe of Prim. dr sci. Todor Jovanović, TODoXIN® all-natural health supplements are produced in a production plant that covers an area of over 600 square meters. It also includes a lyophilization center with seven freeze-drying devices, which is one of the basic technological procedures used in the production of TODoXIN®.